Copenhagen Fashion Week: Moonspoon Saloon SS14

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Photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week

About the Designer: Moonspoon Saloon is a fashion label by artists Sara Sachs, Evren Tekinoktay and Tal R. With studios in Los Angeles and Copenhagen the trio clashes naive scandinavian design with loud west coast celebrity style in their own unique way. Read more (Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week)

160grams Magazine: Moonspoon Saloon designer Sara Sachs has a unique way of combining colors, which is proved by the bright glittering colour palette including bright pink, peach golden and silvery tones, alongside funereal black and deep red. Avant-garde shoes have almost become a trademark for Moonspoon Saloon and this season new disco shoes were seen on the runway in glittering bright colors, and it really was a beautiful way to complete the collection… Read more (

Nordic Style Magazine: The title of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection is ”Disco Oriental” and the collection can be described in these four words: glitter, glamour, shining and colors. This being result of the amazing collaboration between fashion designer Sara Sachs and visual artist Evren Tekinoktay. The garments have eye-catching color combinations that quite frankly cannot really be found anywhere else, avant-garde unisex wedges, new prints and experimental textile techniques… Read more (Source:

Fashion Buzz Now: Moonspoon Saloon had an excited audience in the palm of their hands from the time the first model entered the catwalk in bright colors and seventies inspired platform shoes that could be straight out of “Saturday Night Fever”… Moonspoon Saloon remembers one important thing: Fashion should be fun! And it is when you are in the company of Moonspoon Saloon. Read more (Source:

Bast Magazine: Have you ever been invited to a futuristic disco-party, where the dress-code was: More is more? This season Moonspoon Saloon invited us into their quirky, colorful universe of strong creatures demanding our attention. And they did great! With great exaggeration the models worked their way down the runway wearing glittery buffalos and 70´s inspired plateau-boots… The first part of the collection was a great mixture of materials, colors and print, making the impression a bit confusing. Lucking the ends met towards the end of the show: geometrical, metallic pieces and jackets of gold knit and black shiny latex – pieces we could see ourselves wearing on a warm Summer-night where things need to be stirred up a bit. Check it out, get inspired – run away and join the circus! Read more (Source: Bast

Cover: Efter en kollaboration sidste år er den danske kunstner Evren Tekinoktay nu gået fuldt ind i Moonspoon Saloon sammen med Sara Sachs, og sammen har de sparet på gøgleriet og skruet op for moden, hvilket klæder den farverige inspiration, der trækker linjer til David Bowies Ziggy Stardust figur med farverige heldragter, glitrende plateausko, og et nærmest orientalsk formsprog i store shiny overflader… Det lover godt for en fremtid, hvor Moonspoon Saloon måske for alvor får markeret sig som et brugbart mærke, der kan langt mere end at være scenetøj. Read more (Source: Moonspoon Saloon, whose designer, Sara Sachs, had help from artist Evren Tekinoktay, offered one of its best collections this season. Bold, contrasting colors and materials with hot-to-trot prints will make their way to the brand’s faithful fans such as Björk and Lady Gaga… Read more (Source:

Sound Venue: …Det kræver en bestemt sindstilstand at forholde sig til Moonspoon Saloons fantasifulde univers. Men designeren Sara Sachs er dygtig, og kunstneren Evren Tekinoktay har styr på prints, farver og former, og selv om deres kollektioner nok mere er til at klæde sig ud end til at klæde sig på, fascinerer Moonspoon Saloon gang på gang. Read more (Sound

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Copenhagen Fashion Week: Freya Dalsjø SS14

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Photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week

About the Designer: FREYA DALSJØ provokes the establishment with an artistic and architectural approach to fashion. Her signature is the beauty in the balance between contrasts; materials, textures, colours & emotions. Read more (Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week)

MUUSINGS: The SS14 collection was a surprisingly distinct change of style for the designer, a break from her previous collections of strong, avante-garde silhouettes and combinations of neoprene and leather. This season’s show comprised of delicate, architectural pieces in contrasting materials of mesh and silk with accents of brightly dyed springbok fur. The simplistic pieces comprising of long, flowing robes and deeply cut ankle length dresses were more relaxed than her previous collections, but retained the disctivice sportswear inspired shape and feeling. Worth an extra glance were the eye-catching flat sandals dramatically accented with fluffy springbok fur. In an unusual move for a runway show with so many pieces, Freja used only three models on the catwalk, one of which was model and notable it-girl Lindsey Wixson. A designer who is not afraid to mix it up and subvert expectations, is definitely on our ones to watch list! Read more (Source:

Nordic Style Magazine: ..For the season of Spring/Summer 2014, the designer switched to luxurious and casual style. The collection is built on delicacy, silk and fur. The color combinations of the pieces are deeply unique and have an architectural look, being combination of green, brown, blue and grey. The collection designed for the next summer season has a floating atmosphere having deeply cut long garments with same-sized robes. But the designer remained true to her inspiration by taking elements from sportswear… Read more (Source: Nordic Style

Sabine … The collection was primarily jackets, kimonos and fluttering dresses. The silhouettes were super simple but what made ​​it awesome was her colour understanding. It reminiscent in many ways of colour experiments from BAUHAUS. Her collection was really nice, but it was very far from what she have shown before – it was a little difficult to see the tread from her first two collections. Read more (Source:

Capsule She has previously shown an incredible – and award-winning – talent for creating flamboyant sculpted clothing in fur and leather, but this season she surprised everyone with something completely different. Kimonos and floating dresses in colors and geometric patterns that made you think Soulland wasn’t the only brand this year to have found inspiration from Bauhaus. Read more (Source:

In Fur Magazine: Claire Beermann, writer for German, states:
“Danish designers just know how to add a stroke of genius to the Scandinavian simplicity. The broad mix of different styles from sporty chic at Wood Wood to fresh elegance at Freya Dalsjø proves that Copenhagen definitely has a scene worth to watch.” Read more (Source:

Feathers And Everything.blogspot: With supermodel Lindsey Wixon opening the show, the trio of catwalkers were seen draped in luxurious silks, spaghetti straps and 90’s influenced deep necklines. The originality in the production of the show was that each of the 3 models piled on layers upon layers of coloured silk gowns throughout the duration of the show, finishing off for the finale in colour blocked oversized robes with a sports-luxe vibe using neoprene detail. I couldn’t help but see reference to the AW13 show by Louis Vuitton in which the looks were full of laid back gowns and silks. This pyjama-like trend is one that has been brewing for a couple of years and designers have been eager to pull it off in a serious and elegant way. In my opinion FREYA DALSJØ has succeeded in this just as well as Marc Jacobs has done for Vuitton. Read more (Source:

Sound Venue: Showet lagde ud med elegante og overraskende sexede silkekjoler, der ved hver indgang fik et nyt lag over sig. Det var især de kimono-agtige kåber i geometriske farveflader, der overbeviste på catwalken, men også en interessant leg med materialer som neopren, pels og net, der endnu en gang fremhævede Dalsjøs kunnen. Read more (Source:

Fashion Fredag bød – i hvert fald hvis man spørger moderedaktør på Alt for Damerne Line Hindsgaul – på en meget markant overraskelse… “Det var bare så overbevisende. Det, hun plejer at lave, er noget meget tungt og futuristisk, det her var lette silkekåber, der trak referencer til Yves Saint Laurent og til Bauhaus med colorblocking med sølvgrå, mint og en masse andre farver. Hendes farvesammensætning var bare helt vild. Det var superflot.” Read more (Source: Fashion

FridaHanneGaby: First Look: a long silky dress, in 3 colours. Second Look: same dress with a tricoloured silky coat above. Third Look: same dress with a tricloloured silky coat above and another coloured silky coat above. And the concept worked so well! Read more (Source:

Fashion Fladen: Lange, asymmetriske silkekjoler blev vist i forskellige afskygninger, hvorefter showet tog en drejning, og viste kåbe-lignende slå-om-kjoler der til forveksling mindede om noget kampsports-udøveres har på efter endt gerning. Freya Dalsjø bevidste endnu en gang, at hun er dygtig til at arbejde med forskellige materialer, og forenede således smukt pels og silke. Farvesammensætningen fungerede ligeledes rigtig flot, og dannede kontraster i rektangler a la Mondrian… Kollektionen var ganske vidst mere anvendelig end hvad den unge designer hidtil har præsteret, men Freya Dalsjø er og forbliver en pige som designer med hjertet og ikke nødvendigvis tænker på, hvordan passionen for design kombineres med cool business. Et skridt er dog nået for designeren i retning af, at nå ud til forbrugerne til trods for, at de smukke silkekjoler overvejende klæder en ung og slank piges krop. Read more (Source:

V Magazine: The standout womens wear show today was an impressive Freya Dalsjø, which I say was impressive for a few reasons. First, in-demand model Lindsey Wixson walked, and second, she walked many times, given the structure of the show: Models had to layer on garments, as they were in keeping with the Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton/Prada recent trend of easy dressing for the home… Silk nightgowns, robes and Céline-like fur-lined sandals. One important part of CPHFW to note is that most of the collections are very wearable, and this albeit highly luxurious one was no exception. Read more (Source:

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Barbara I Gongini SS14

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Photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week

About the Designer: BARBARA I GONGINI is pushing boundaries in ethical fashion. The collections – androgynous, futuristic and simplistic with subtle intricacies – bears no signs of compromising style for the sake of sustainability. The collections are not seasonal in nature but rather numerical, where the design is of continuous progress and is constantly evolving.Barbara´s Nordic roots are evident in her uncomplicated designs and largely monochromatic shades. Read more (Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week)

Nordic Style Magazine: The Barbara Í Gongini collection for the season of Spring/Summer 2014 is built on interactivity between the wearer and the garments and on the thought that deconstruction ends up in composure. With this thinking, the designer created pieces with combined layering that can be detachable for more deconstructed shapes. During the fashion show, the starting point was the menswear collection, continuing with the womenswear looks, where the climax of the catwalk had a model standing and every model that came out after that her put on her a piece of jacket that would fit perfectly on top of another one… All together, the fashion show had this foggy, explorational, overseas atmosphere wrapped around the garments, asymmetry, multi layering and long silhouettes being the main characters of this collection. Read more (Source: Nordic Style Magazine)

MUUSINGS: Designer Barbara i Gongini, who was born in the Faroe Islands, strives to develop womenswear and menswear that is minimalistic, androgynous and sustainable, yet at the same time wearable… Tulle pieces were merged with the universe of sound, which has inspired her SS14 collection. Read more (

GB Times: Traditionally, the collections are based on a conceptual approach combined with bold experiments with forms and shapes. BARBARA’s collections – androgynous, futuristic and simplistic – are not seasonal in nature and aimed to a broad audience, regardless the sex and age. Read more (Source:

Danish Design & Architecture Initiative: The collection was presented in a subtle, monochrome hue with an impressive variety of lush layers and intricate textures, and the collection’s industrial concept was manifested by opulent leathers, stern linens, light silks, and translucent gauze mimicking structural decomposition and disintegration. With this collection BARBARA Í GONGINI proves once again that she masters the balance between a strong concept and the avant-garde. Read more (Source:

Trend Sales Magazine: Der er ingen dansk (færøsk) designer som Barbara I Gongini der formår at skabe et helt specielt univers af avantgarde mystik og mørke… Til musik af færøske lyddesigner ORKA, svævede androgyne modeller ned af catwalken i lag-på-lag styles der hver udgjorde små kunstværker i sig selv. Skulpturelle platform sko og vilde headpieces af tyld og stof ledte tankerne mod outer space og gjorde looksne helt utrolig fascinerende. Read more (Source:

55Factory: Her avant-garde style draws me into her wicked universe of freaks and savage beauties. The collections are kept monochrome but the details being in the extraordinary layering. The menswear was a mix of simple sporty pieces and thin knit for layering. The women’s wear started of with a powerful tulle outfit and went into almost spider web looking knit… The finale however was different where a nearly bare model was dressed by other models on the runway in 5 different pieces to create a strong tailored layered look that showed a slightly more mature and considered styling. Read more (Source:

Bast Magazine: First shown was her mens collection. A full outfit in a blinding crisp white opened the show, followed by strong creations in coal-black and dusty greys. With black eyeliner and leather helmets, a string of strong yet androgynous creations were shown, followed by a very dramatic and theatrical entrance by the first female model. In a huge black tulle creation, she very dramatically stopped on the middel of the runway, posing as if the heavy beats were tearing her apart. A chill spread through-out the audience. Cross-body drapings, bare-backed dresses and enormous tulle-headpieces. Shiny leather, bare skin and black lips. While the Summer was heating up the city outside the great doors of the city hall, we were held hostage inside by Barbaras black poetry. Read more (Source: Bast Magazine)

Fashion Fladen: Farverne var holdt i sort, hvid og grå og blandingen af de bløde og hårde materiale, skabte en helhed og levede meget op til forventningen. Overraskelsen kom dog, da mændene havde forladt catwalken til fordel for kvinderne, hvor store headpieces og læder-masker nærmest forberedte os på den krig der vil bryde ud mellem landets fashionistaer, når tøjet rammer butikkerne og alle vil have fingrende i det. Alt i alt en kollektion der virkelig er med til at høje modeugens standard og skaber wearable couture. Read more (Source:

Cover: Lydtapetet var dunkelt og dystert, og det var som at se underverdenens kreaturer stige op til overfladen, da den færøske avantgardedesigner løftede sløret for sin sommerkollektion og på ny demonstrerede sin skarpe sans for at eksperimentere med materialer. Read more (Source: I have always favored Barbara í Gongini’s universe for its twisted darkness and conceptuality, because she does it so well. This season, however, the show was less conceptual, giving way for the design to shine on its own—and shine it did. The collection—presented strictly in white, gray, and black—was well-designed and cohesive… Read more (Source: Forår- og sommer 2014 kollektion i et gennemgående mørkt, feminint og avantgarde univers.GALLERI» Se alle 20 billeder i galleriet her!Modeugens tredje, og for vores vedkommende også sidste, dag blev bl.a. rundet af med et overdådigt og teater-agtigt modeshow fra det dystre og avantgarde univers, der kendetegner designeren Barbara I Gongini. Her blev vi først overrasket af Barbara I Gonginis præsentation af den kommende herrekollektionen, som i en elegant, atypisk og spektakulær sceneoptræden gled over i det velkendte, mørke og androgyne univers. Den mindre herrekollektionen blev afløst af damekollektionen, som ligeledes blev fremvist i en lidt atypisk catwalk-koreografi, idet modellerne blandt andet hjalp hinanden i lag-på-lag designs på catwalken. Read more (Source:

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Photos from Alesya Gulevich Blogspot,, Stalker Magazine, Street

Copenhagen Fashion Week- Veronica B. Vallenes

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Photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week

About the Designer: The Copenhagen-based Norwegian designer Veronica B. Vallenes has established a distinct signature expression, situated somewhere between classic Nordic simplicity and glossy Parisian elegance. Her effortlessly sexy womenswear is fast gaining the eye of international press and costumers. Read more (Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week)

Nordic Style Magazine: With focus on the creation of comfortable pieces that fit fabulously, the collection has elegant casual summer look written all over it… The material choice consists of silk combined with ecological fabrics like bamboo, organic cotton and cashmere. The jewelry from Norwegian Bjørg was the perfect match with Veronica’s collection giving an edgy look to the outfits, yet still keeping the traditional Scandinavian minimal style. Read more (Source:

Cover: Kollektion Som et strøg med en fjer falder Veronica B Vallenes’ silkekreationer helt blødt over kvindekroppen, men hvor hun før har arbejdet med draperinger, er der denne fokus på rene flader skåret på langs, så silken falder tung og lige ned. Veronica B Vallenes designer tøj til voksne kvinder, som ikke ønsker at flashe hud, men som er stolte af deres kroppe og ikke er bange for at lade kroppens konturer stå klart under tekstilerne. Og så er hun dygtig til med små greb at skabe et nyt udtryk… Read more (Source:

The Fashion Spot: Her usual flowy fabrics, simple lines, modernistic kimonos and minimalistic approach were still prevalent but Vallenes turned it up another notch for this collection with exquisite fabrics and new sensual details such as open back dresses, body hugging silhouettes and the one item that caught everyone’s attention was a beautiful draped dress in a cream crepe fabric… Read more (Source:

We Are the Somethings: The models were draped in silks and faux leather in shades of neutrals and whites and a pop of tangerine and turquoise here and there. Veronica collaborated with Illustrator Esra Røise to create the watercolor snakeprint pattern that I can not wait to wear head-to-toe come spring. To (literally) top it all off, the collection was styled with Bjørg Jewellery that made my head spin… Read more (Source:

Sound Venue: Veronica B. Vallenes er dygtig til silke. Derfor er den norskfødte designer altid stærktest med sine sommerkollektioner, og det var da også en slags definitionen på sommer der blev vist på catwalken under modeugen da designeren viste sine feminine kreationer… Veronica B. Vallenes laver pænt tøj. Men det larmer ikke særlig meget og selvom Vernoicas æstetik ikke fejler det mindste bliver hendes kollektioner desværre blive lidt ensformigt i længden. Der er både lange kåber, badetøj og kjoler og silketoppe og selvom materialer og snit holder kollektionen sammen mangler der en tydelig inspiration for at det ikke bliver kedeligt. Read more (Source: Sound

Eurowoman Mobile: Veronica B. Vallenes’ sommer er let, brugbar, easy going med et skævt twist, som fx asymmetriske snit, bare skuldre, print og store statement smykker. Tøjet er flot og anvendeligt, og man kan let se de forskellige styles integreret og brugt med ens eksisterende garderobe, hvilket gør tøjet for Veronica B. Vallens til en virkelig god investering. Read more (Source:

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Stine Ladefoged SS14

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Photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week

About the Designer: Knitwear and jersey garments made with Scandinavian simplicity and innovative detailing, are the key words for Stine Ladefoged’s collections. The detailing come to life through both draping and experimenting with different techniques on the knitting machine. She works with combining different gauges, such as fine gauge and bulky gauge to get more variation in the volume and structure of the knit. Read more (Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week)

Cover: Snittet var skulpturelt og næsten ridderligt hos Stine Ladefoged, der viste korte kjoler, shorts og en lang række one-pieces – alt sammen holdt i neutrale farver som hvid, sort, mint og blågrå. Ingen mønstre på tøjet, men i stedet udsigt til masser af bar hud via de mange cut-outs, der gav designet et grafisk udtryk. Detaljerne på tøjet kom fra iøjnefaldende guld-, metallic- og læderelementer og cool, brede kraver og armbånd, mens materialevalget var faldet på strik – Stine Ladefogeds ekspertise. Read more (Source:

Le Neu Black: Stine Ladefoged presented a beautiful collection with organic shapes and sleek styling of the models. Read more (Source Le Neu Black)

MUUSINGS: Emerging womenswear designer Stine Ladefoged presented her spring/summer 2014 collection that included outstanding pieces inspired by the world of robots. Ladefoged kept her collection simple with a series of white sheer garments combined with black accents. With a color palette of nude colors and black with the occasional prints, Stine Ladefoged was not afraid to show that sometimes less is more when it comes to fashion. To twist things up a notch, she added structured detailing to some of his pieces, to bring an edgy side to her collection. Read more (Source:

Trend Sales Magazine: Danmarks dygtigste strikdesigner Stine Ladefoged, skaber skulpturelle og feminine designs til kvinder der tør skille sig ud i et outfit der ikke ligner de andres… Designsne understreger de feminine kurver og virker aldrig for voldsomme, hvilket man måske ellers ku fryugte når man arbejder med strik. Et næsten råt og dekadent look gør sig gældende i nogle af designsne, hvilket passer godt ind i modebilledet som det er nu. Atter en smuk og sofistikeret kollektion fra Stine Ladefoged! Read more (Source:

55Factory: With a resemblance to the work of Mark Fast Stine Ladefoged’s inspiration this summer was transformers which led her to an experiential use of materials. It was nevertheless a feminine sexy and detailed collection that showed Stine’s devotion to her work. Strong shoulders formed out of knit tubes gave a futuristic edge to the collection and mixed with trousers with added width on the hips it portrayed a strong female figure. There was another element of geometry to this collection that came through as she used leathers and plastic like materials to create on opponent for the knit… Read more (Source: Det futuristiske og monokrome havde den danske designer illustreret i sort/hvide-kombinationer, grafiske mønstre og skulpturelle detaljer ved bl.a. hofter og på ærmer samt gennem flere imponerende one-pieces i strik – alt sammen akkompagneret af dyster musik og en del nøgen hud. I “Maschinenmensch”-kollektionen, som Stine Ladefoged har kaldt den kommende kollektion, havde der desuden sneget sig små uniformselementer ind sammen med de voluminøse skulder, små lommer med kig til huden, guld, metallic og læder, samt voluminøse kraver og armbånd. Til sammen en kollektion, der leder tankerne hen på en science fiction-genren eller på Tomb Raider-universet, hvor der skal være plads til patron-hylstre på hofter, lår og skuldre… Read more (Source:

The Stine Ladefoged er specialist i at arbejde med adskillige strikteknikker og draperinger. Selvom hun holder stilen i skandinavisk enkelthed er der altid en masse innovative detaljer… Read more (Source:

Always Fashion Week: Stine Ladefoged’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection boasted dresses that looked like they were ready for battle and could go to fashion war with any high-end designer or major brand. Edgy looks with hardcore cutouts and sex appeal ruled the runway for this collection… Read more (Source:

Design42Day: If the first outfits of this collection are of light pastel colours, then it comes to be all about black and white, almost as if the designer aims at catching all the attention to the modern details: contraposition of volumes, application of leather details, alternation of morbid and curvy shapes with minimal and squared garments… Read more (Source:

E-Pitti blog: Knitwear and jersey garments are Stine Ladefoged’s passion that she works by donating a particular details to each one of them. In fact, she uses specific machines and needles to make each garment so that she can change shapes, volumes and their structure any time she wants. She uses very high quality materials but wool is her real love… Read more (Source:

Copenhagen Fashion Week: By Malene Birger SS14

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Photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week

About the Designer: Her prêt-a-porter line is a classic angle on elegance expressed with edgy, sexy sophistication. A look that echoes style icons from the past – in the present… Read more (Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week) The last show of the day was by the brand of one of the grande dames of the Danish fashion industry, Malene Birger. Renowned for her normally large shows, this season she surprised everyone with a small and intimate outing and dinner. The collection was as elegant as usual, with well-tailored suits and dresses… Read more (Source:

In Excess Fashion: The collection is called, as well as inspired by “Ladies of the world”. We’ve been introduced to a new and exiting mix between ethnic prints and classic fits. We’re a bit more sophisticated and elegant this season and we like the contrast from last seasons bright neon’s and all-over prints… Read more (Source: In Excess

Cover: …Det var tøj, som man havde lyst til at komme tæt på og se nærmere på. Og så var det smukt forarbejdet og virkelig gennemført. Præcist som arrangementet, hvor selv stolene var overbetrukket med Malene Birgers sorthivde striber. Det var godt gået, af den danske designer. Rigtig godt. Read more (Source:

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Photos from

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Designers Remix SS14

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Photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week

About the Designer: …Designers Remix continues on the path between femininity and androgynous tailoring creating the ambiguous atmosphere, which is characteristic of the designer Charlotte Eskildsen. Read more (Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week)

Cover: …En minimalistisk kollektion, der dog stadig havde klasse og karakter, og som nok skal finde vej ind i mange garderober. Read more (Source:

Nordic Style Magazine: For the Spring/Summer 2014 season, Designers Remix presented a collection inspired by the sounds of the ocean and the feeling of being under water for which the location of the new aquarium building, Den Blå Planet, was perfect match. As the title suggests “Le grand bleu” the creative director Charlotte Eskildsen was fascinated by the French director Luc Besson’s film with the same title… The new concept of “Diving Diva” started the runway, where monochrome outfits were present in all black with details such as double zipped scuba equipment inspired dresses that made a wet impression with the use of black leather. The following styles and highlights from the diver’s wetsuit created by the usage of lightweight foam fabrics available in the version of blouses, jackets and dresses… Read more (Source: nordicstylemag)

Fashion Fladen: …Designers Remix tilføjede kollektionen et råt element, i form af læderkjoler og referencer til 80’ernes grounge periode, quiltet læderjakke og oversize jersey der havde et forvasket look. Read more (Source:

Sound Venue: …Inspireret af havet – og den oplagte location, viste Designers Remix et nyt take på scuba tendensen med korte toppe og en detaljeret brug af skum materialet. Gennem showet skiftede de sorte 90’er sandaler over i en klar, hvid med ankelremme, som satte den perfekte stemning i akvariet med de tykke skumsåler og blødt, hvidt læder. Read more (Source:

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Wood Wood SS14

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Photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week

About the Designer: What set out as a Copenhagen streetwear phenomenon has turned into a national dress code, as young people across the country are emulating Wood Wood’s left-of-centre fashion. The brand reinvents streetwear, creating exclusive leisure and workwear for men and women. Read more (Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week)

District MTV: Next up was Wood Wood, for whom the fashion editors had very high expectations, thanks to their strong AW13 collection. The streetwear label didn’t disappoint; a confident collection featuring classic tracksuits, college jackets, logo-adorned sweats and highly covetable printed pieces was sent down the runway. Styled with an uber-sporty edge and accessorised with a selection of bucket hats, square-framed sunglasses and lace-up brogues, Wood Wood showed exactly why they are Copenhagen’s ‘cool kids’ right now… Read more (Source: District

Capsule Show: …If anyone understands what being a young and fresh Copenhagener is all about, it must be the people behind Wood Wood. For more than ten years the Danish brand has provided über cool street wear for the masses. This collection was one of the best I’ve ever seen from them. Especially the last two looks: Purple patterned neoprene track suits for him and her. Good job Wood Wood! Read more (Source: Capsule

Cover: Wood Wood er nemlig ikke bare et brand der passer ind i tiden trends og tendenser, Wood Wood skaber dem… De hvide sokker var kommet i fokus og kollektionen var i det hele taget stylet med det sporty og street’ede udtryk, som gør tøjet både ’likeable’ og ’wearable’… Read more (Source:

Dazed Digital: …The mentioned menswear brands are defined by a wearable creativity. The designs go hand in hand with the age-old Scandinavian demand for versatility, functionality and common sense – but they manage to keep themselves, and their customers, interested by examining new themes and visual messages from season to season… Wood Wood’s sporty and urban vision, influenced by Parisian architectural history á la Le Corbusier. Read more (Source:

Sound Venue: …Wood Wood slog sig igen fast som en af dansk modes vigtigste spillere og med både sko, solbriller og accessories viste de også, at de stadig har store armbevægelser og ambitioner med, hvad der startede som en københavner-biks med trykte t-shirts. Read more (Source: Sound

Selectism: Sticking to a popular formula of smart sportswear with an injection of print and offbeat detail, bucket hats continue to push forward as a bright-eyed new generation discover the baseball cap alternative. A digital floral print, short sleeve sweatshirts and contrast waist trousers work particularly well, with plenty of accessories worth a second-look. Read more (Source:

Telegraph: The varsity jacket takes a turn for the better at Wood Wood where their modern take on streetwear is both on trend, by most importantly, wearable. Read more (Source:

Telegraph: Danish design is “about real clothes for real people” says Olsen, and the world’s buyers are beginning to sit up and take note. You don’t have to be pencil thin to wear pieces from the runway in Copenhagen; they won’t break the bank either. Designs from the runway are – dare I say it – functional, and relevant to the everyday woman. Read more (Source:

Hype Beast: …Experimenting with proportions via color-blocked trousers and tops as well as oversized pieces included in the mix, an athletic inclination seems prevelant for the release, with track jackets and tights adding a sporty element. A strong assortment of modernist patterned apparel and accessories meld well with the rest of the collection, rounding out a distinctly European vibe for 2014. Read more (Source:

Strictly Gentlemen: The new sportswear collection is yet again full of the bright patterns and fabric mixing that made Wood Wood one of the most fashionable brands in Denmark… Read more (Source:

Four Pins: We were super excited to see what Wood Wood had in store for next year. Not surprisingly, they didn’t disappoint, serving up an eclectic mix of minimalist-driven garments showed side-by-side with boldly printed outerwear, shirting and accessories. That isn’t to say anything here is basic per se. On the contrary, each piece is shows the attention to detail we’ve basically come to expect from the bulk of Danish menswear brands. Although, we’re kinda on the fence about the pins. It’s like, hello, stop staring at my nipples. My eyes are up here. Thank you. Read more (Source: One of the shows I have been looking most forward to during Copenhagen Fashion Week is by Danish brand Wood Wood. They never disappoint—neither through their showmanship nor their design. The talented trio consisting of Lotte Bank Nielsen, Karl Oskar Olsen, and Brian Jensen has been enticing the international fashion crowd for the past ten years, all while influencing a new wave of Danish fashion. The Spring ’14 campaign images define Danish cool. Read more (Source:

Euroman: …Der er flere steder i kollektionen inspiration fra sportens verden med både tracktoppe og løbe-/cykelinspirerede tights, der blev båret under løsere shorts. Wood Wood har med fin succes udviklet og raffineret deres prints de seneste sæsoner. Som modvægt til de mere kulørte indslag fandtes også fremragende two-tone elementer som kraftige T-shirts og suit-pants, der skabte en fin balance og fuldendte en flot kollektion. Read more (Source:

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Photos from Street,, Dazed, High

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Bruuns Bazaar SS14

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Photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week

About the Designer: Well cut, understated and precise. The new Bruuns Bazaar is a testament to iconic fashion, classic and sexy with a grown up sensibility that are both streamlined and essential… Focusing on modern day wear with luxurious sporty elements, men’s wear influenced tailoring, easy separates and reduced evening wear. Read more (Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week)

Cover: Der går lige sex måneder endnu, før vi kommer til at se den nye chefdesigner Lene Borggaards nye visioner for Bruuns Bazaar blive foldet ud, men i går aftes var det som om, at hun lige havde nået at drysse lidt sex udover kollektion, der viderførte de sidste par års skarpe minimalisme.En sort trenchcoat med gylden lynlås opsummerede stemningen fint: det kan godt være at jeg er skarp i kanten, men du kan også lyne mig op, så jeg viser lidt hud… Read more (Source:

Euroman: …Modsat kutymen for farverige forårskollektioner bød farvepaletten hos Bruuns Bazaar på få røde farvedryp udover koncentrationen af marineblå-, kaki-, hvide- og grå toner. Med næsten 20 års erfaring udi skandinaviske mænds præferencer lader Bruuns Bazaar til selvsikkert at stole på klassikernes evige berettigelse. Read more (Source: Wearable, minimalistic pieces in soft colors and delicate prints were on the catwalk of Bruuns Bazaar—the label recently changed creative direction, which will be in full effect by next season… Read more (Source:

Sound Venue: Tøjet, der ved første øjekast kan virke enormt simpelt, bar på en hel række finurlige detaljer, der gør, at Bruuns Bazaars designs skiller sig ud fra den brede, minimalistiske masse. Skjortekjoler var bundet med diskrete sløjfer i ryggen, jakker og nederdele havde velplacerede lynlåsdetaljer, og sæt i matchende print og farver var så ubesværet sat sammen, at de efterlod et ønske om mere af samme, hvilket ikke er en dårlig ting blandt modeshows, der kan have hang til at vise for meget af det hele… Read more (Source: Sound

Berlingske: Det var simpelthen svært ikke at tænke, at det var meget mere snak end det var noget som helst andet, og jo jo , der er rigtigt fint at være inspireret og også at slå sig løs og virkeligt opleve verden, før man laver en kollektion, men det kan virke fjollet, når man så sender ret simpelt tøj på podiet? Måske gør man sig selv en bjørnetjeneste ved at hælde så mange ord over noget ret simpelt tøj? Måske skulle man lade det tale for sig selv. Og så til klunset… Read more (Source:

Blame It on Fashion: Artists and architects are a constant inspiration to Bruuns Bazaar and for the SS14 collection the inspiration comes from a group of German architects that challenged traditional construction with living plants under the term Baubotanic.The result is refreshing, feminine and effortless – and I love it. The printed shorts-set, the perfect striped shirt, the suede pants with the matching top and of course all the pretty floral prints – if this is what awaits us next season I can’t wait… Read more (Source:

The Fashion Spot: An inherently minimalistic and contemporary brand with clean lines, neat styling and lack of details, and the SS14 collection was no exception, but the introduction of floral patterns, sports materials such as jersey and embroidery moved the brand in a new direction while remaining true to its identity. Inspiration came from artists and architects working with botanical motives and materials such as Ferdinand Ludwig’s Baubotanic Tower and the contradiction between using nature, but sculpting and manipulating it into minimalistic shapes, was apparent in the entire collection… Read more (Source:

Copenhagen Fashion Week: MI-NO-RO SS14

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Photos from Copenhagen Fashion Week

About the Designer: Based in Copenhagen, MI-NO-RO offers a capsule line of women’s clothes.The brand will focus on sophisticated, key essentials targeting women 30+. Each piece is a limited edition. At MI-NO-RO, we are proud to support local European fabric weavers and suppliers. We offer high-end quality at generous price levels. Read more (Source:

Cover: Det var flirtende, sensuelt og anvendeligt tøj til selvstændige kreative erhvervskvinder med femme fatale attitude, og et (jetset) liv på farten, som kræver gennemførte outfits til hverdag såvel som på rejse eller til fest… Read more (Source:

BT: Ved Mi-No-Ros debut-show på Nimb i København indtog berømte og berygtede kvinder catwalken til stor moro for Kronprinsessen. Read more (Source:

Berlingske: Jeg havde troet, at Mi-no-ro ville blive årets toppinlige oplevelse, da rygterne gik, at designeren Mikael Kristensen, der har en fortid hos COS og for nylig også som læderdesigner for Birger Christensen ville vise sin anden kollektion under mærket Mi-no-ro på kendte kvinder… Det er ikke tøj, der kommer til at ændre verdenshistorien. Det er ikke tøj, man vil referere tilbage til, når man om 50 år på Designmuseum Danmark (og gid man så har lavet navnet om igen, magen til mundurethed!) skal skrive dansk modes historie i 2010’erne, for det rykkede ikke moden nogle steder hen, men det var velfungerende, velsiddende, og rammer det ikke sin målgruppe – de fleste af Berlingskes læsende damer f.eks. – klokkeklart, lover jeg at tage et helt år iført pastelfarver og pandebånd. Read more (Source: